Finding Frogs and Toads

Frogs and toads need water to breed so the best place to find them is in a wetland!

What is a Wetland?

A wetland is a habitat that has the following three characteristics:

  • Soils that lack oxygen

  • Water at or near the surface of the land during some part of the growing season

  • Plants that are known to grow in saturated conditions

Types of Wetlands

Marshes - Frequently covered in water; emergent soft-stemmed vegetation

Vernal pools - Form in spring from melting snow or rains; often dry in summer

Swamps - Saturated soil, sometimes with standing water; plant life dominated by woody plants

Bogs - Include spongy peat, derive water from precipitation; highly acidic waters support low plant diversity

Fens - Like bogs, but also receive water from sources like groundwater, and therefore gain nutrients that support more diverse plant life

Places to Hear Frogs in St. Louis

The locations on this map are public parks where we have identified several frog and toad species. You can visit these places to practice your frog and toad identification. Although these parks are open to the public, please make sure you look up the park's visiting hours before you go there.