FrogWatch-Lite Volunteers


You do not need to be a frog expert to get involved with local conservation.  All you need is an interest in frogs and toads and a willingness to participate in a 90-minute training session with a commitment to collect a photo(s) and record frog call(s) and share them through a community science app called  iNaturalist.  Observations can be made anytime throughout the breeding season (February through August) or whenever you happen to see or hear a frog calling.   There is no minimal or maximum number of observations required.  Trainings for FrogWatch-Lite will include an introduction to the most common Frogs and Toads of the Saint Louis Area, basic auditory identification, how to use the community science platform iNaturalist, and different ways you can get involved in the Saint Louis FrogWatch community.

To register for trainings, please click on the following link: Training Registration

You can also view a recorded FrogWatch Lite training here:

Frogcallstl Project 

Help us build an auditory library of frog and toad calls using the iNaturalist app! When FrogWatch-Lite volunteers make observations using iNaturalist, those observations will automatically appear on nearby projects, such as the Frogcallstl Project. The information gathered will help researchers track the presence and absence of the different frog and toad species in the St. Louis area. You do not need to join the project to submit observations, but if you would like to receive updates about this project please visit, or search Frogcallstl under "Projects" in the iNaturalist app to join. 

How to Use iNaturalist

After you have downloaded the iNaturalist app, you will need to create an account. Once you are ready to make an observation, open the app and click "Observe". Then choose a picture or sound of the frog or toad. You can also add useful information like species name, location, date, time, and additional notes. 

Are you unsure of which species you saw or heard? Other iNaturalist users can identify your observed frog or toad for you! 

Watch the following videos to learn more about iNaturalist and how to make observations.

Update for iPhone Users:

The iNaturalist app on iPhones now have the option to directly record sound for observations.