FrogWatch Volunteers

Thank you for your commitment to monitoring the frog and toad populations of the Saint Louis Missouri region! This section of the website was created with the intent to be used by Saint Louis FrogWatch Chapter Volunteers to assist with easy access to handouts, documents, presentations, tutorials, and audio resources.

Check out the following sections using the navigation bar at the top of the page or through the following shortcuts: Events and Training, Frog Call Practice, Handouts & Presentations, Additional Resources, Surveys & Comments, Maps, Certification Assessment, and Social Media.

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What are my volunteer responsibilities and what do I need to do to become a FrogWatch Volunteer?

As a FrogWatchstl Volunteer, you will:

  1. Complete a training workshop

  2. Study frog/toad calls & practice identification

  3. “Adopt” a wetland or stream site to monitor

  4. Make at least 3 nighttime monitoring visits from March - August following a standard protocol

    • 30 minutes after sunset

    • Collect basic weather and site condition data

    • 2(+) minutes of silence followed by 3 minute listening observation

    • Write down species and calling intensity rating(s) heard

  5. Submit data (online, by email, or by mail)

  6. Communicate! Ask questions when needed -- we’re here to help!

What does a New or Returning Volunteer need to do?

Step 1: Review our area’s frog calls and monitoring protocols to get ready for the upcoming FrogWatch season. FrogWatch Season officially begins in February.

Step 2: If you need a refresher, check the Zoo’s FrogWatch webpage for upcoming training dates and other frog-related events.

Step 3: If you have not already, we encourage you to become a certified FrogWatch volunteer by taking the online certification assessment located on our Google resource site.

Note: Check out our additional auditory resources for practice.

Additional Volunteer Resources

To register for trainings, please visit